Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto 5, and Grand Theft Auto Online feature the Blade, a two-door lowrider that’s open at the top and a two-door muscle car that’s closed at the top, part of the “I’m Not a Hipster” update.

GTA 5 Blade design

GTA San Andreas

The car is portrayed as a two-door open-top car of the 1960s. The Blade blends elements from both the 1967 and 1965 Chevrolet Impalas. Its front looks like the 1967 Impala, and the rear looks like the 1965 Impala and features chrome convex-shaped taillights. Its headlights design is identical to the Impala of 1965. The car can be identifiable by its large grey bumpers, a small front grille, silver accents around the arches, triple headlights, and twin taillights in red.

GTA Online and GTA 5

It will appear in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online as a sports vehicle designed as a two-door car based on a 1964 Ford Falcon. The front fascia with a double grille is influenced by the Dodge Monaco, while the taillights are reminiscent of those found from 1971-1972 Dodge Dart Demon. The car’s sides are reminiscent of those of 1964’s Mercury Comet.

The car looks like a muscle car, with the permanent hard-top roof and the “gasser” style. The front has an old-fashioned bumper with a chrome finish; two intakes dominate license plate in the middle and upper, and a large grille with horizontal divisions and two circular lighting on each side. The hood is a higher profile in the center and has two vented sections near the windshield.

Along the side, there are small flares around the arches and long panels with chrome lines that begin at high-end edges on the front offenders and extend to the car’s rear. These panels’ upper edges run aligned with the car’s body and are directly below the horizontal handles of the doors as the lower lines slant slightly downwards. Additionally, chrome trims are centered on the panels that remain the same distance as the outside lines of the entire vehicle.

Its rear is distinct by a panel that’s an element of the side ones and also has an ornamental chrome trim on the middle. The car’s sides are adorned with five tail lights with chrome trim around the units, and the middle features a broad chrome trim with the brand’s logo. The cursive “Blade” badge can be found just below the outermost tail light, located just over the border in front. The bumper is chrome-plated and houses a license plate at the middle, and two exhaust pipes in the circular form are visible below.

The lower part of the car is a sign of the “gasser” suspension setup, with miniature shock absorbers and articulated bars that originate from the vehicle’s structure and finish within the wheel. It also has a solid-beam front axle similar to the Hot knife. The car is painted initially for the body, the stitching inside, and additional color on the rear and side panels. The front ones are having a little similar to those seen in Sabre Turbo.

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Performance of Blade

Acceleration and speed are impressive, as are the brakes, and fluid handling work very well. While cornering is also outstanding, the main disadvantage to this Blade is its significant oversteer that makes the emergency brake turn useless, and driving at high speeds is a problem because of the possibility of losing control in the event of a slight disturbance. The Blade can withstand massive impact damage because of its sturdy frame and general construction; however, it cannot stand up better against explosions.

Its gameplay is more impressive when playing Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online and is as a Sleeper car due to the V8’s high output in the engine. But it’s an odd mix. It is swift for the class of Muscle car. However, it lacks the top speed to keep up with. I upgraded its acceleration to the max; the Blade is highly competitive with the more expensive supercars, like T20, Nero, and the  T20. The car’s handling is quite different. It is not as responsive as a typical Muscle car. Instead, it has an unusual, heavy-understeer appearance that is reminiscent of similar to the Rat-Loader and other lower-end Muscles. It will have to slow down in corners more than other vehicles. However, it can compensate for the lost speed through its acceleration. In contrast to other Muscle vehicles, it is devoid of nearly all signs of oversteer.

The Blade is also unique in its ability to avoid ramming into the side of the highway. Since it is a hefty rear-end car, it is an excellent choice for ramming off the back. A blade can withstand the majority of rear-end rams and attempts to PIT easily. This makes it a perfect vehicle for trying to get around police or race because other racers trying to eliminate the Blade can find it extremely difficult to drag the Blade away from the road. Deformation from a crash only enhances this, as it can withstand large quantities of head-on collisions before smoking, and the possibility of axles getting damaged isn’t very likely under normal conditions.

It is important to note that when you are in the first person (or in a lesser degree in Hood view), it can be very challenging to observe the roads in the position of a Blade because of the angle. Therefore, suspension modifications are recommended for this car or switching back to a third-person viewpoint. The car runs on a single-cam V8 engine coupled to a five-speed gearbox with an engine front and rear-wheel drive configuration. Its engine sounds are low-revving like the Buccaneer and the Manana counterparts.


  • El Corona Safehouse is a neighborhood located east of a garage situated in a house.
  • Parked to the east from El Corona Safehouse in El Corona near the Voodoo and a Blade.
  • Standard in all places during the night.
  • Very frequent in rural areas like Bone County or Whetstone, Remington, and Tahoma.


  • In GTA 5, how is Blade defined?

Within Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto V, and Grand Theft Auto Online’s “I’m Not a Hipster” Updates, the Blade is an open-top two-door lowrider and a two-door muscle car. Vapid manufactures the Blade in the HD Universe. It is a part of the HD Universe.

  • In GTA 5, where can I find a blade?

GTA Online offers the Blade for $160,00 at Southern S.A. Super Autos.