The scenario is an extremely rare Fortnite emote that can only be acquired through unconventional means. The scenario emote is available for everyone, so you’ve come to the right place. In Fortnite, you can claim the scenario emote by following the steps below.

The scenario emote has been prevalent since it was released in March 2019. ICONIC is a very rare Fortnite emote that has been nearly impossible to obtain for a long time. This guide is all about Scenario Fortnite in detail.

What is Scenario Fortnite?

As part of Fortnite’s development, Epic Games creates the “scenario emote,” and other emotes. You can express your emotions within Fortnite using Emotes. It is possible to get them for free by opening specific crates or waiting for them in the Item Shop.

There are different variations of scenario emotes available in Fortnite, including dances and gestures. Using these emotes in a match or on your locker screen, you can express your emotions meaningfully.

Best Method to get Scenario Fortnite

Method# 1

Getting the scenario to emote in Fortnite is possible by merging your accounts. Your first thought might be that I don’t have an account with a scenario emote.

It’s impossible to merge your Fortnite account anymore, so how can you do this? The most basic thing you can do is merge your Fortnite accounts. If you choose to contact Epic Games, tell them that your Fortnite account has been merged. Contact epic support via email or their live chat, and let them know that you have a second account you’d like to merge; either way, there is a way to do so.

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The customer service agents will guide you on what you need to do once you show them that you have both accounts by providing a valid email address and password. Merging can be arranged by contacting epic games support. Once that has been done, you can tell them which account you want all the skins and emotes and the scenario emotes to be merged onto. As soon as you merge the account with a scenario, you’ll get it without difficulties if it had one. If you own a scenario emote from another account in Fortnite, it will work in that account as well.

Method #2

You can additionally get the scenario to emote in Fortnite by going ahead and doing so. There are some glitched out maps in Fortnite that are created by creating an emo map if you are unsure what one is. Any emote you want within Fortnite can be performed with this device.

There are few public maps available, so here’s what you need to know. Some people have them in their creative islands, but epic destroys them instantly. This guy named “stormzy” has it on his island, and I’m pretty sure it’s there. Other people you can join by searching for them and adding them to your map.

Scenario Fortnite cost

Considering its rarity, the scenario emotes costs around 300 V-Bucks and can be acquired whenever it appears in the store. We regret to inform you that the IKONIC skin set is no longer available. As of September 2019, this offer has expired replacing it with a different exclusive skin.

What emotes is the rarest?

In Fortnite, Rambunctious is the most uncommon emote. This emoticon is an original Fortnite cosmetics item because it was first launched in the game’s Chapters. the first chapter of Season 4 in 2018.

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