Hank Worden

On July 23, 1901, Hank Worden was birthed in Rolfe, Iowa.

Early Life

He was raised in Montana on a cattle ranch. Hank received his education at Stanford as well as the College of Nevada. He retired from the Army as a pilot. He toured the nation competing in rodeos on a saddle bronco. He was 20 when he fell off a horse and fractured his neck, but he didn’t realise it until he was 40.

Before portraying the Lone Ranger & making appearances in Westerns, he traveled the nation as a rodeo rider. In True Grit, The Searches, as well as the Alamo, he co-starred with John Wayne. After being spotted by a talent agent at a cowboy in Madison Square Garden, he and Tex Ritter were both contacted about roles in the Broadway play Green Grow of Lilacs. He broke his neck in his 20s after falling from a horse, but he argued that he simply had a stiff neck and continued to ride. According to the survey, he is among the most well-known performers in movies. He now ranks in the list of notable

born on July 23, 1901. One of the wealthiest actors in the film, he was born in Iowa. He is also ranked as one of the best actors in cinema.

Hank Worden was born when he gained notoriety

The Chinese Zodiac’s sign for the year 1901 is Leo (The Lion), and Hank Worden was born under this sign.

Hank Worden net worth

According to data statistics of 2022, $12 million is the range of Hank Worden’s net worth. American actor Hank Worden is well-known [AA3] throughout the world. The actor is her primary and significant source of revenue.

Acting is the source of most of Hank Worden’s income. We frequently need to gain the necessary knowledge on items like automobiles, weekly or annual incomes, etc.

Height, weight, and physical condition of Hank Worden

His body weight was Unknown, and he measured 1.87 meters tall. According to a survey, Hank Worden, a well-known movie actor, had a pre-death net worth of around $12 million. He earned cash by performing as an actor in films.  

Personal life of Hank Worden

Hank Worden maintains a low-key romantic and private life. Look at the previous relationships, ex-girlfriend, and hookups of Hank Worden. Hank Worden requests anonymity with regard to his marriage history and divorce.

Facts about Hank Worden

  • Hank Worden passed away on December 6, 1992.
  • Date of birth, July 23, 1901.
  • He performed in 17 films alongside John Wayne and had modest roles in several of John Ford’s iconic westerns.
  • Hank Worden was birthed in the US State [AA7] of Iowa.
  • Leo is Hank Worden’s astrological sign.
  • He appeared in 17 movies with John Wayne and played supporting roles in 12 of John Ford’s well-known westerns.

Hank Worden enjoys enormous fame. His fans still adore him even if he doesn’t make as many films. Because of his prior work, people admire him as an actor, and their net worth is growing. He is renowned as the most outstanding performer of his era.

Was John Wayne a Friend of Hank Worden?

Billie Burke’s recommendations to various film producers led to Worden making friends like John Wayne, Howard Hawks, & eventually John Ford, all of whom gave him plenty of employment.

What is the ethnic background of Hank?

Hank Worden was an American and belong to the white Irish ethnic group.

How many films did Hank Worden and John Wayne collaborate on?

Throughout his career, Hank Worden starred alongside John Wayne in 17 movies. Only a handful of other actors have more roles alongside Wayne. Worden was close behind Paul Fix, the marshall from the television series Gunsmoke, who had the most of them all with 25.

Hank Worden’s illness

On December 6, 1992, Hank Worden went away owing to a non-communicable illness. When he died, he was 91 years old. A vast extended family and friends surrounded him just at the time of his passing.


Hank was regarded as one of the best and finest actors in Hollywood. This article highlights a brief biography of Hank’s life including his career, illness, interesting facts, personal life and height and weight. An amassed amount of Hanks Worden net worth is a true reflection of the fact that he had a rich lifestyle.   

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