Men are so into the cornrow man bun, also referred to as Omarion braids. Are there any people who don’t like Omarion? In addition to his pro-level lyrics and unique sounds, he is also a fantastic individual. His hairstyles are just one of the many things that set him apart from the crowd, aside from his outstanding work in the music industry.

You have choices on how to style your braids in the style of Omarion. You may add a variety of styles and patterns, from simple ones to more complex ones, to your cornrows in any way you choose. The main objective is ensuring you leave enough hair at the ends of these braids to be wrapped into a bun.

Ways to style Omarion braids.

There are several ways you can style your own Omarion braids. Your cornrows can be made in various designs and patterns, from the most basic to the most intricate. Whenever you braid, you want to leave enough hair at the ends so that you can make a bun from them.

Popular Omarion Braids Hairstyles

You can copy Omarion’s hairstyle right away by following the above pictures!

1. Low Fade with an upward look

We’ve recently seen some cool Omarion hairstyles with braids, but this is one of the coolest. He twists his thicker cornrows upward and then braids them to achieve this hairstyle. As the style is more comprehensive, the braids stand out more, and the fades on both sides make the look more impressive.

2. Man Bun with Two Braids

Many of Omarion’s braids will have you wearing cornrows from top to bottom. He switches things up with this style by going with a man bun in which he shows off more of his natural hair structure. He chooses two braids that wrap around his skull and form a man bun at the back of his head instead of cornrows.

3. A Man Bun with an Undercut

Taking Omarion’s braided hairstyles in a new direction is so exciting. A typical cornrow pattern is not what he goes for, instead opting for an intense swivel design, which ends in a man bun. With a spider-like appearance, this design is not only intriguing to the eye but a unique design that plenty of men will want to copy.

4. Thick and Thin Cornrows

The cornrows don’t all have to be the same size. You can create an eye-catching braid and incredible when you use braids of varying shapes and sizes. He holds everything in place with a small top knot that consists of a blend of super thin and thick cornrows. The Omarion braid hairstyle is something you don’t see every day, making it unique and exciting.

5. An extra front view

As those Omarion wore, Braids are a great way to add your style and personality. This man decides to wear two cornrow braids in front, adorned with beads to keep the braids in place. The cornrows are pieced together into a bun in the rest of the style because Omarion braids are all about buns. 

6. Maxed out design

This hairstyle is an excellent choice if you desire an intense and exquisite design. I mean, look at that gorgeous array of cornrows in different sizes and shapes. In addition to the braids, the smaller pieces at the back of the crown tell a story of their own. It is an intriguing piece that swivels in and out of one another. By the way, who says a man bun can only be single? You can double it up for an extra cool look.

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7. Braided High Tops

Some designs like to be wholly untamed and outside the box. In contrast, some guys are more concerned about looking on-point and sleek; this particular style is perfect. Featuring a set of cornrows that are medium in size and a low skin fade around the crown, this rendition of Omarion’s braids is nothing short of outstanding. Something is enticing about the sleek design of the cornrows and the entire look, making it a winner in the hair community.

You have many options to choose from when it comes to Omarion braids. There’s nothing wrong with playing around with his braids that lead back to the bun even though they’re all about ending in a man bun. Male braid wearers are becoming more OUTRAGEOUS every day. In the past, men had CORNROWS. Later, it became more elaborate, and now it is even more detailed.